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Devin Thornton
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United States
Basic story of my life. I was born, I exist to bring randomness into the world. And I can assure you, I am not a delicious apple.
:FeelingFree: :excited: :bouncyhai: :PinkBummy: :Bummies: Here ye, Here ye!:excited: :bouncyhai: :PinkBummy: :Bummies::FeelingFree: 
Hello there, I have decided to open up for requests  and/or commissions from Deviants all around. Since I am done with finals, and I am out of school for the summer, I should get started with some art projects, and work on requests. Always try new things, right?

:FeelingFree: Onto the Rules!:FeelingFree: 
Make sure to fill out all the information I need, which includes the type of commission, the OC or character you would like, a reference if necessary, and and other extra information you want to add in.
If you have requested before, please resubmit your requests here. I would appreciate it if you do not submit your requests in my other journals, or other artwork. 
If you want me to draw one of your OC or fanart, please provide a picture reference of your character (with color schemes too if you have those) in the comments below

:PinkBummy: Now, Onto what I can Do (and Examples):PinkBummy: 
I can Draw Chibis
I can draw a singles, couples, up to three characters per picture. They can be line art, colored by markers, or sai.
Admitting Defeat by DeLa-T

Anime Self Portraits
Have a picture of yourself, or an avatar of yourself. I will try to be as accurate as I can be. 
Self Portrait (anime style) by DeLa-T

Full Body Pictures
If you want me to draw a full body picture, please provide me a full body reference, with the color schemes, and a character bio so I can learn about your creations better. 
Viridi the Summoner by DeLa-T

Half Body Pictures
Same as full body images, I would like references of the character, along with their biography or something about the characters.
Bishi Pip by DeLa-T

Pencil Sketch
Little Author by DeLa-T

Lapis Lazuli by DeLa-T

 And Digital Art 
I only wanted to color her wings... by DeLa-T

I also do Line Art, but I don't have a current example at the moment. I apologies... 

I am a dummy! Here's What I WON'T doI am a dummy! 
Comic Strips (Only because it takes a considerate amount of time)
Sex Scenes (or any sexual activity for that matter)
Nude Pictures (as in straight up naked characters with nothing covering their privates)
A group picture with more than 5 characters (same reason with the comic strip)

:FeelingFree: :PinkBummy: Overall...:PinkBummy: :FeelingFree: 
If you have any questions,suggestions or requests please write them in the comments, as well as leaving any information regarding the requests. Feel free to browse my gallery, if you want to see more. I don't usually give myself deadlines, but I will have the requests completed and upload as soon as I can. Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as I will. 

:happybounce: CURSE YOU! EDIT!!!!!!CURSE YOU! :happybounce: 
Seeing as how I just started, I will only submit up to 3 requests this week, but after this, hopefully I can make a schedule where I can submit 3-4, maybe 5 pieces per week. 


Kotone Shiori by DeLa-T
Kotone Shiori
Kotone Shiori
Gurdian of the Forest, this bunny girl is a shy, but kind person who would help anyone in need even for trivial problems. She's forgetful, clumsy and daydreams a lot, but her compasion makes up for those flaws. She has a habit of hiding her face behind a scarf if embarrassed and hides her rabbit ears in fear of discrimination. She likes gardening, bunnies, warm clothing and spring and isn't a great fan of winter, the cold in general and being teased. 
Click here if you want to know about her.

This one, I particularly enjoyed. This a request for :iconmiko-ru: or Mimi. (Btw, welcome to DeviantArt). I dunno, I really loved drawing her out. I even wanted to color her with markrs, but again... I didn't have the right shade of pink for her hair.  ... (why do I have so little markers...?)
Anywho,  I hope you enjoy this picture, and thank you for letting me draw Kotone out. :iconmiko-ru:
The character, Kotone Shiori, or Shiori, Kotone doesn't belong to me, her rightful owner is :iconmiko-ru:
But the artwork is mine. 
Addison Mayne by DeLa-T
Addison Mayne
Request for :iconocadoptcenter:'s adopted character, Addison Mayne >>… This one was a lot easier than I thought. I was originally going to color her in with markers, but I didnt have an orange marker that matched the shirt, so I used Paint Tool Sai to color her in. I really hope you like this :iconocadoptcenter:

The art itself is mine
the character belongs to :iconocadoptcenter:

Thank you! 
Also, if anybody want to request, please go here>>…

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